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BuufJuiced-Star Wars is an add-on to the existing BuufJuiced-2018 theme

BuufJuiced McFly Star Wars Edition - 1.0

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McFly Star Wars Edition will animated and interact on your BuufJuiced-Star Wars LockScreen

20th August, 2018

Ok here’s the Marty McFly LS Star Wars Edition. 

  1. Thanks of course the great “Marty McFly” for making the original LS . B
  2. Big thanks to Kløpper for adding the Star Wars flavor to the images, great job bro . 
  3. Thanks to BuufJuiced for bringing” BUUF”  back to life and bigger than it has ever been.
  4. There are extra Star Wars Wallpapers inside the User Wallpapers. Just change the one you want to Default.png

All modded and packed by me.



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